Siberian Sturgeon Caviar

Siberian sturgeons are freshwater fish known for producing delicious, deep black caviar pearls. While wild Siberian sturgeons are considered to be endangered (like the Beluga sturgeon), Siberian sturgeon farming is experiencing an uptick both in Europe and the United States. While France and Uruguay remain the main producers of Siberian sturgeons, they are now also being farmed in Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain, the U.S., and other locations. These countries are attempting to lessen the strain on the wild Siberian sturgeon population by sustainably farming these sought-after fish and committing to responsible farming methods.

Buy Siberian Sturgeon Caviar Online

Khavyar offers several varieties of Siberian sturgeon caviar for sale.  These varieties range from our sustainably farmed Belgian import Siberian Gold Caviar, which boasts large black pearls and deliver a buttery, sweet taste reminiscent of Beluga caviar, over Giaveri Siberian Caviar, an Italian import with a rich flavor, to Siberian American Caviar, which offers a creamy, nutty taste with charcoal-colored pearls, similar to a fine Sevruga. Irrespective of which variety you choose, these Siberian sturgeon caviars are sure to create a memorable, intoxicating flavor experience.

As with other caviars, Siberian sturgeon caviar is best served atop  , toast points, or crackers. Of course, it can also be enjoyed direct from the tin with the use of a so as not to adversely affect the delicate flavor balance. Siberian sturgeon caviar should be kept in the coldest part of the refrigerator before serving, and ought to be couched in a bed of crushed or shaved ice if serving in the tin or another vessel.

Siberian sturgeon caviar lends an indulgent, elevated air to any event, and will charm caviar connoisseurs and novices alike with its rich, buttery flavor and stunning pearl presentation. As with all caviars, when you purchase Siberian sturgeon caviar online, we recommend outfitting your event with a minimum of 30 grams of caviar per two people— when presenting individual servings of caviar, be sure to include at least one heaping half-teaspoon each in order to showcase the full flavor range of these delectable pearls.

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