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Originally, most of the world’s caviar came from wild caught sturgeon from the Caspian and Black seas. We see it first referenced in medieval times in Constantinople during the 12th century – then the center of the Greek Orthodox Church.

In 1280, caviar was formally sanctioned by the Russian Orthodox Church as a food that could be consumed during religious fasts. This is during a time when the Church strictly governed the most minute aspects of all Russian life.

The Russians were not the only connoisseurs of the time. The Persians were also early adopters of this delicacy into their diet. The Persians believed that the eggs held medicinal powers. In fact, the word “caviar” is derived from the original Persian word “Khav-yar” meaning “cake of power”. Almost a thousand years ago, the Caspian region recognized, realized & adopted the same dietary solutions for health benefits that modern science tells us caviar provides today.

Since the 16th century, caviar was a savored delicacy among the royal courts of Iran and Russia. Harvested from wild caught sturgeon from the Caspian and Black seas, these individual pearls were reserved for the pleasure of royalty.

Today, import sanctions and overfishing have radically changed the global caviar industry. Traditionally, Russia and Iran were the world’s largest exporters of caviar, but when CITES banned imports on Beluga sturgeon roe from these countries in 2006, it ushered in a new era of the best imported caviar sourced from sustainable aqua farms.

Through these setbacks, the industry experienced a resurgence in both supply & demand, a second golden age, when regional aquafarms recognized this imbalance & began increasing their capacity. It was this growth that has fueled further investment in technology & consequently, the quality of caviar we enjoy & appreciate today.

Imported Caviar

Produced in the most pristine environments are a wide variety of exquisite fish roe that reflect the flavor nodes, tones & profiles as complex as caviar’s own history.

Ranging in flavor from nutty and buttery to rich and savory, our carefully curated collection of imported caviar is a favorite flavor profile among gourmet chefs and a delicacy on menus at top restaurants. Buy imported caviar online from our exquisite selection and discover why farm raised roe is an excellent alternative to Russian or Iranian caviar, which is typically illegal or fake.

Buy Imported Caviar Online

The world’s largest exporter of caviar is now Italy, a country known for its fine wine and Old World cuisine. The country also has a reputation for its advanced fish farms that produce a spectacular variety of caviars comparable to the finest osetra and sevruga caviars. At Khavyar, we also feature other premium varieties of European roe from Belgium and Germany, which are delightful at any price point. Preferred by top New York chefs, Israeli caviar is also included in our collection, a premium quality roe from Dan Springs and its pure mountain waters that flow into the Sea of Galilee.

Fine caviar should be tasted by itself to appreciate its tonal complexity. To get the most out of your tasting experience, we recommend Mother of Pearl spoons. To preserve the delicate, nuanced flavors of caviar, avoid using metal utensils. Many critics will judge the flavor as tarnished. If necessary, choose bone or glass spoons as an acceptable substitute. Delicately scoop out a small spoonful of tiny eggs and roll them around in your mouth before squeezing the individual pearls for an absolutely delicious and decadent burst of flavors. Once you've decided on your favorite caviar, add elegance and sophistication to your amuse-bouche by pairing it with traditional complements such as blinis, which are mini pancakes, and a dollop of crème fraîche for a smooth, creamy finish to an indulgent and savory bite.

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