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Siberian Gold

$ 159.00
Our highest-grade Siberian caviar, these rich-black pearls exhibit a delicious buttery flavor with hints of sweetness. With pearls that are larger than typical Siberian caviar, these are closer in resemblance to many Beluga caviar.
  • Species: Acipenser baerii
  • Sustainable: Yes
  • Environment: Farmed
  • Location: Belgium


The finest Siberian caviar on offer, this variety is harvested from the European Acipenser Baerii sturgeon— a breed which can live up to 60 years. These prized sturgeons produce caviar that is akin to that of the highly desired Beluga sturgeon, making this exquisite Siberian caviar all the more sought-after.

Siberian Gold caviar boasts exceptionally large pearls in a stunning silver-grey to black hue. Buttery with a touch of sweetness, Siberian Gold has an exquisitely rich flavor.

Khavyar’s Siberian Gold caviar is our highest grade Siberian, sustainably farmed in Belgium with the utmost care and dedication to quality. Equally committed to responsible environmental practices and to upholding an exquisite standard of farm-raised caviar, these Belgian farms carefully monitor their sturgeons to ensure every batch of caviar is as fine as the last.

As it is often compared to Beluga caviar, this Siberian caviar may be served simply. Present Siberian Gold caviar direct from the chilled tin, or on crackers. A bottle of chilled vodka or champagne (the traditional accompaniments) makes an excellent pairing to cleanse the palate between tastes, offering a stunning flavor experience for you and your guests, time and time again.