Caviar from Iran - Learn the History of Iranian Caviar

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Once the top exporter in the world, Iran is now a small fish in a big pond in today's Iranian caviar industry. In fact, 40 tons of Iranian caviar was exported in 2000 alone. However, because of economic sanctions imposed by world leaders in response to the country's nuclear weapons program, the Iranian caviar export industry took a major hit in 2014. Despite these setbacks, the financial projections for Iranian caviar are looking positive, especially after Tehran struck a deal in 2015 to curb its nuclear program in exchange for a lift on economic sanctions, including the export of highly desired Iranian beluga caviar.

Iranian Caviar

If you're looking for Iran caviar for sale, keep in mind that it could be either fake or illegal due to the fact that Iranian caviar exports are still banned in many countries. If you buy Iranian caviar, make sure that the jar is vacuum-sealed. When you open the jar there also shouldn't be a layer of water or oil, which is a red flag for low-grade fish or fake roe. 

Iranian beluga caviar comes from Sturgeon that originated from the Northern provinces of Iran, including Gilan, Mazandaran, and Golestan. When it reaches 12 years old, the fish are transferred to specialized factories and processed in an isolated hygienic environment. The ultimate symbol of aristocratic elegance, Iranian caviar is then preserved in a special salt mixture, a practice that was borrowed from the fish preparation techniques of ancient China.

Learn More About Caviar From Iran

Iranians believe that caviar is the only food that causes cellular regeneration, which they refer to as black gold. Typically priced at $300 for 50 grams, caviar is considered an expensive luxury item because of its high price. Iranian caviar is also known for its creamy texture and buttery flavors of the sea. Never frozen or cooked, caviar from Iran is typically served with traditional garnishes, including finally diced egg whites, egg yolks, and onions. To balance out the flavors, lemon juice is added for a hint of zesty floral notes. Iranians also spread butter on the cracker, which gives each bite a smooth and rich finish.

Since 2015, we've been probably offering the finest selection of imported and domestic roe from around the world. As purveyors of the most luxurious and expensive food on the planet, Khavyar is the premiere online marketplace for a delightful and exquisite selection of deluxe sturgeon fish eggs. Shop Khavyar today and discover why our caviar is a favorite choice among executive chefs and gourmet caterers. 

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Caviar for Beginners

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The ultimate symbol of aristocratic elegance, caviar is an essential component to the fine dining experience. Dating back to the 16th century, fish roe from wild sturgeon was a savored delicacy among Russian Tsars and Iranian sheiks. Today, caviar is the star of the show when it comes to gourmet appetizers. Get the most out of your caviar experience armed with expert knowledge from the purveyors at Khavyar, the premiere online marketplace for the exceptional imported and domestic roe. 

History of Caviar

Derived from the Persian word ‘khavyar,’ which means 'egg,' fish roe from the days of old typically came from wild sturgeon from the Caspian and Black seas. Considered a luxury item reserved for royalty, caviar became popular in the West among the aristocracy thanks to Henry Schacht, a German immigrant and businessman who founded the American caviar business. Using the Delaware River for wild-caught sturgeon, caviar became a local luxury indulgence in the US.

Today’s Caviar

Despite severe quotas on wild-caught sturgeon and environmental damage to fish habitats, caviar is seeing a second golden age because of the recent increase of companies committed to sustainably farmed raised fish roe. Because it takes 8 to 12 years for the fish to reach maturity for harvesting, caviar is still one of the most expensive foods in the West and is often reserved for special occasions or holidays.  

Caviar Basics

Today, caviar is a favorite go-to for gourmet caterers and executive chefs because it adds sophistication and elegance to a delightful array of amuse-gueule. There are 14 different varieties of sturgeon fish roe, including Beluga, which is our most popular. Like a fine wine, fish roe should first be tasted alone so that you can experience all of its delightful, nuanced flavors. Also, caviar should never be cooked or frozen but always served fresh and with Mother of Pearl spoons or even plastic since metal can tarnish the distinctive notes of the sea.

Introducing and Pairing Caviar

A popular way to introduce beginners to caviar is by serving it buffet style with the fish roe still in the container. Setting the container in ice, the roe will be at the right temperature. It further showcases the caviar type and its origin.

Caviar pairs well with smoked salmon or lobster for the ultimate combination of decadent and delicious flavors from the ocean. Add lemon juice for a hint of zesty, floral notes, round out the flavors with an aromatic sprig of dill, and enjoy the nutty, buttery individual pearls bursting with flavor.

Caviar is usually served with champagne because the sweetness and bubbles make it an excellent pairing with the creamy and nutty flavors of roe. For more intensity, follow the Russian tradition with a glass of ice-cold vodka and get ready for an unforgettable dining experience with your dinner guests. 

Armed with expert knowledge of fish roe, impress your friends and family with the epicurean delights of caviar, the icon of aristocratic sophistication and indulgence.

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The History of Caviar (Infographic)

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Caviar and champagne go together like a baguette and fancy cheese. But that wasn't always the case. Read on and discover how caviar made it onto the plates of the rich and famous. 

The History of Caviar

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1280: The Russian Orthodox church formally sanctioned caviar as food that could be consumed during religious fasts. 

1556: Ivan the Terrible conquers The Khanate of Astrakhan seizing the steppe north of the Caspian, demanding annual tribute paid in caviar delivered to Moscow. 

1591: Derived from the Persian word khavyar, the word caviar means "egg" and first appeared in English print in this year. 

1873: In the 19th century, Russia considered caviar a lavish item in the international market. The same year, Henry Schacht founded the American caviar business using the Delaware River for sturgeon. 

1910: Sturgeon become almost extinct due to overfishing, which prompts the halt of American production. This makes caviar a luxury item reserved for royalty. 

1998: In the wake of the breakup of the Soviet Socialist Republics & collapse of existing management control systems, The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species begins regulating trade on sturgeon. 

2005: The United States Fish and Wildlife Service ban the import of Caspian Sea Beluga caviar in order to protect the endangered Beluga sturgeon. 

2006: CITES announces that they are unable to approve the caviar export quotas for 2006 wild fish stocks. 

Today, despite setbacks due to overfishing, caviar is still considered a delicacy and is often associated with luxury and wealth due to its high price in the West. 

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3 Reasons to Get Your Caviar Online

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There are many reasons to order caviar online. Discover why executive chefs and caterers are ordering their caviar online instead of making the trip in person to the local gourmet shop.


Skip the middleman.  And forget the nightmare & storage of a retail shelf where it may sit for a few weeks.  You can get it tomorrow.   Our caviar is shipped in a custom insulated shipping kit that includes a pound and a half of gel ice, which keeps the product safe in transit for 30 hours at 28-38 degrees Fahrenheit. At your next fine dining event, impress your guests with the freshest roe from Khavyar, your online headquarters for the finest and most celebrated varieties of fish-eggs from around the world.


Retailers have to purchase inventory.  We don’t.  It’s also possible that your local gourmet store has a limited selection compared to our extensive online collection of fine caviars.   At Khavyar, you’ll find a delightful variety of our finest imported and domestic roes, including our most popular, the Beluga Siberia Caviar from Italy. This caviar variety is known for its large, soft roe and delicate flavors. We also offer several types of Osetra caviar, including our Osetra Galilee Prime Caviar, which was raised in the pristine waters of Dan Springs in Israel. This variety of fish-eggs makes a delicious addition to the appetizer tray with rich hazelnut flavors and firm, medium-sized pearls. Our online selection also includes Siberian Gold Caviar from Belgium, which has a delicious buttery flavor with hints of sweetness. You also have the choice of several types of Sturgeon caviar, including Sturgeon White and Sea Trout Rainbow.


Instead of making the trip to a brick-and-mortar store, buy online from Khayvar without even using a computer. Simply order on your phone before 2pm ET Monday through Thursday for next day delivery. Orders placed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will be processed the following Monday for a Tuesday delivery. Orders of $200 or more also receive free shipping, another reason to buy online from Khavyar.


Since 2015, Khavyar has been proud to ship a selection of sustainably farm-raised caviar from the most pristine environments in the world. Shop Khavyar today and treat yourself to the finest imported and domestic roes for your next special occasion.

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The Health Benefits of Caviar

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The Health Benefits of Caviar

Since the 16th century, caviar has been dazzling the taste buds of lords, ladies, and dignitaries. In fact, this luxury item from the Caspian Sea is not only full of nutrient dense super foods, but also contains delicious and nuanced flavors.

Often used as a garnish or spread, caviar is made up of fish-eggs that have been salt-cured. There are many types of available, including beluga, our most popular, and starlet. You’ll also find varieties such as ossetra and sevruga.   Khavyar is committed to sustainability, so you can rest easy that your farmed Beluga Siberian caviar from Italy is the finest on the market. We also feature fine quality caviar from the United States, including Sturgeon White, Sea Trout Rainbow, and many more.

The nutritional value in one teaspoon of caviar is impressive, especially when it comes to healthy proteins. According to nutritionist Emily DeLacey, one serving typically contains 4 grams of protein, including nearly 1 gram if omega-3 fatty acids. The American Heart Association recommends consuming at least 1 gram of these healthy proteins in order to maintain optimal heart health.

This is great news for caviar fans, especially since 1 tablespoon of fish eggs typically contains 1 gram or more of omega-3 fatty acids, which are made of up highly unsaturated fats. Omega-3 fatty acids are linked to a variety of health benefits, including the reduction of blood clotting and lowering the risk of hardening of the arteries. Omega-3 fatty acids are also essential for reducing the risk of heart attack and blocked blood vessels.

One tablespoon of caviar also contains 3.2 mcg of Vitamin B12, a water-soluble vitamin that is often difficult to absorb, especially for those on a plant-based diet. Linda Antinoro, R.D, L.D.N., J.D., C.D.E, a senior nutritionist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, recommends consuming at least the recommended dietary allowance (RDV), which is 2.4 mcg per day. A small spoonful of caviar is an excellent source of B12, especially if you’re feeling fatigued, a common symptom of B12 deficiency.

Caviar also contains Selenium, which is an essential antioxidant that works with Vitamin E to protect cells from free radical damage, which makes it excellent for disease prevention. Known as an important trace mineral, Selenium has many health benefits, including increased cognitive function and support of a healthy immune system. Researchers have also found that Selenium is vital for healthy thyroid function. However, this is a mineral that you don’t want too much of since an excess of Selenium has been linked to an increased risk of diabetes.

Although there are many health benefits of caviar, keep in mind that this luxury food item is also high in cholesterol and sodium, so it’s better to stay on the safe side and only eat it sparingly.

Khavyar is committed to providing the finest quality caviar from a culmination of experience and principles that we’ve maintained over the years. Our selection of farm-raised roes meets impeccable standards and can be enjoyed at a variety of price points and fish varieties. Shop Khavyar today and discover the incredible health benefits of fish-eggs.

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Giving Caviar for Mother's Day

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Mother's Day Caviar

Caviar is a gift to remember.

Caviar is traditionally shared during the holidays, weddings & special occasions.  But no one associates caviar with Mother’s Day…  You can begin a Mother’s Day tradition of your own.  Surprise your mother with any number of selections from Khavyar.  Mother’s Day will be a topic of conversation for your mother all year long.


Caviar defines luxury

There is a reason that Robin Leach touted Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams as his catch phrase.  It sets the standard.  Traditional pairings of champagne & vodka, blinis & crème fraiche are obvious.  And fantastic.  And usually predicated by the event, time of day, or time of year.  They will never go out of fashion.  But, if you want something different, this Mother’s Day may be the perfect opportunity for a surprise party featuring domestic caviar on cucumbers with white wine or sparkling water.  Potato chips, French fries or beer topped with caviar could possibly be the most unique gift for Mother’s Day she’s received.  Be creative & eventful.  Or… stick with what always works.


Caviar is healthy

Caviar is Full of Health Benefits.  How does ‘anti-aging’ sound?  Caviar is loaded with Vitamin B12 – 10 times more than nature’s multivitamin, chicken eggs.  Fish eggs can provide 10 times or more B12 than chicken eggs.   Jack Challem, author & nutritionist notes that ‘Vitamin B12 is a component of numerous reactions that protect our genes, enhance cognitive function, and ward off cardiovascular disease.’  Linda Antinoro, R.D, L.D.N, J.D, C.D.E, senior nutritionist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, says that Vitamin B12 is vital for the body to produce healthy red blood cells. It also is needed for proper nerve function and DNA synthesis.  Caviar is rich in Vitamin A for skin, B2 & B5 for nerves, stress & migraines, D for the immune system.


Shop Khavyar online this Mother’s Day for an original experience to be remembered. 


All online orders must be received before 2 p.m. EST to be processed for next day delivery.  Orders received on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays will be processed the following Monday for Tuesday delivery. 

Saturday deliveries are not available online due to potential delivery limitations of this service to all areas. If you must have Saturday delivery, please email us at to verify your area eligibility and to place your order directly. Saturday Delivery Rate is an additional $20.00 surcharge.

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Creative Ways to Serve Caviar at Your Wedding

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Creative Ways to Serve Caviar at Your Wedding

A wedding is full of unforgettable moments, which is why a selection of fine quality caviar is a great way to treat your guests to memorable amuse-bouche. Not only are fish eggs full of nutrient dense super foods, but caviar is also an essential ingredient for extravagant hors d'oeuvres. Discover how to garnish and display exquisite, delicate, and sustainably harvested caviar from Italy, Alaska, and other pristine environments.

Patrick Brown, CEO of Khavyar, is passionate about his commitment to exceptional caviar. “Caviar is confident, elegant and the perfect, decadent addition to your wedding menu,” he says. “It can be enjoyed in a variety of ways—paired with a classic blini and crème fraiche or on top of a lobster roll—and always adds a level of sophistication to each dish.” From the exciting collaboration of renowned chef Holly Goetting, the executive chef at Charley G’s Seafood and Grill, get ready to impress your guests when you pull of these dainty and delightful appetizers.

A delicious combination is caviar and potato pancakes. The caviar is simply served in its original container next to a crystal bowl on crushed ice and presented with a mother of pearl spoon.

Chefs and caterers typically serve caviar with finely sliced white bread toast points or unsalted crackers with sour cream or crème fraiche to bring out the full caviar flavor. Finely minced parsley is a colorful addition to this delectable display.

Another attractive and popular way to serve caviar is on a vegetable such as a cucumber. Cucumbers are sliced into circles or diagonally on a serving tray, and adorned with a dollop of the finest caviar. Guests are then invited to carefully spoon on sour cream or crème fraîche for an exciting first course.

For another delicious and inventive combination, try Khavyar’s popular recommendation of smoked salmon fingers and caviar. When these two delicacies are combined on a plate and garnished with chopped herbs and crème fraîche, the flavors are perfect for complimenting the rich caviar flavor.

For even more savor at the appetizer table, try a combination of smoked salmon stuffed potato skins and caviar. To make this delicious appetizer, caterers simply scoop out the baked filling of a potato and mix it with sour cream or crème fraiche. Then, the potato is dolloped with caviar and garnished with fresh herbs for a combination of exciting flavors that are perfect for impressing your guests.

Khavyar also offers fine quality wild-caught caviar that pairs well with simple foods such as your favorite craft brew and party snacks. Combine it with pretzels, crackers or other favorite chips for a little bit of crunch. Because fish-eggs are salt-cured, Brown recommends combining caviar with unsalted crackers for even more contrasting flavors.

Celebrate your nuptials and show off your epicurean side with a beautiful and dazzling display of luxury caviar from around the world. Order from Khavyar and make your wedding a cherished day with nuanced flavors from the Caspian and the Black Sea. With Khavyar’s variety of price points and offerings of caviar from Israel, Belgium, Alaska, and Italy, get ready to share unforgettable moments at your next special occasion.

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Le Bernardin: Exceptionalism and Grace

Andrew Rosenthal

Consider this note a tribute to an award-winning restaurant with global fame, urban sophistication and culinary excellence. Treat this post as my homage to an institution with all manner of patrons, from loyal diners to international dignitaries to celebrities to fellow chefs, delivering a performance that is a model of perfection at every level; that transports you from its glass and wood awning to its interior of supple leather chairs, green and violet flowers, and overhead beads of golden luminescence and tableside candles of flickering light; that earns this culinary paradise unprecedented praise; that captures the art of minimalism with a sense of maximalist taste.

I love Le Bernardin!

I celebrate this fixture of Manhattan’s cultural landscape. And yet, my words are too insufficient, my awe too impossible to describe, my admiration too inchoate to translate into prose; I am unable to summon – I am without the means to write – what this great restaurant fully represents, what this landmark continues to symbolize, for food connoisseurs throughout the world.

I cherish everything about Le Bernardin, starting with the staff’s emphasis on humility: These professionals will never forsake their hard work, nor will they ever forget the long – and laborious – path to the pinnacle of social acceptance and commercial recognition.

Where every meal is a masterpiece, and every flavor is masterful, Le Bernardin is the author of this festival of sight, taste and smell.

I salute the restaurant’s longevity, and I raise a toast to its legacy.

May she continue to prosper.


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Joseph Mallol: A Study in Excellence

Andrew Rosenthal

When we write about restaurants and fine dining, we make it a priority to celebrate the chef responsible for an eatery’s identity; the man or woman who imbues that establishment with personality, excitement, flavor (in more ways than one) and energy; the performer with the experience – and creativity – necessary to strengthen the history and tradition of a beloved institution; the leader with the respect indispensable to mastering a discipline that is as arduous as it is artistic; that is as challenging as it is comforting.

One such person who embodies these virtues, and upholds these values, is Joseph Mallol, Executive Chef of Harry’s Café & Steak.

His career, which reads like a gastronomic tour of international renown and domestic repute, from his formal training at the French Culinary Institute to his youthful days as a worker in his family’s kitchen, from his labor in the old whaling towns of Long Island to his itinerant apprenticeships throughout the island of Manhattan, Joseph is a chef with a record of extensive study and more than a quarter-century of noteworthy achievements.

We salute his passion for invention, based on his palette for great taste and his eye for presentation.

We express, in words, what Joseph represents, in his actions – excellence.

He symbolizes the best of his profession.


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Good News: You Can Now Order Caviar Online

KHAVYAR has arrived

Tired of making that schlep to Petrossian to fulfill your caviar needs? It just got a lot easier thanks to KHAVYAR, the new online destination launched today to procure caviar of all shapes and sizes. “As purveyors, we exist to deliver the most exceptional caviar experience available to our customers,” the tony service set said in a release. “It is our belief that the quality of product we offer is second to none, and that sustainability is more than a business practice—it is a passion born of respect for our environment.” KHAVYAR’s founder Patrick Brown began his career in 1992 at Bruce Foods, but now he’s seeking to streamline and democratize caviar consumption with this new venture.

For the holidays, the brand’s gift set includes a trio of caviars from high to low starting with the Ikura Salmon hailing from Alaska at just $15 per oz, followed by the Sturgeon Royal White at a cool $99 per oz, and ending with the Osetra Galilee Prime sources from wild Russian Sturgeon at $125 per oz. In addition to this trio, the brand catered to the uptown set sources from exotic ports of call including Belgium, Israel, Denmark, and Germany, along with domestic varieties starting at $12 recommended for “garnishing or beer pairing.” 

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