Salmon Roe - Salmon Caviar Direct to Your Door

Adaline Colton

Salmon caviar, also known as red caviar, is a variety of non-sturgeon roe. This roe can be sourced from Atlantic, Pacific, and river salmon, as well as from varieties of farmed salmon. With an almost-fluorescent color and large size (much larger than most fine roe varieties), red caviar is enjoyed throughout the world as both a delicacy and an everyday garnish.

Typically, red caviar is prepared and served in a similar manner to other caviars, especially in North America and Russia, where tradition holds that caviar be eaten straight from the tin or on toast points or blini. In Japan, however, where salmon roe is viewed more as a common food item, it appears as a garnish on sushi rolls, and as a topping for white rice. Salmon roe is also sometimes served alongside salmon fillets or smoked salmon, as a type of meditation on “salmon two ways.”

Salmon caviar, like the fish it comes from, is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids— a highly desirable type of fat that boasts such health benefits as: diminishing stiffness and joint pain; lowering the risk of heart disease; improving mental focus and memory; and more. For this reason, salmon roe has been called a “superfood” and is designated as being heart-healthy. Diets rich in Omega-3s, such as those found in salmon caviar, also help reduce inflammation in the body— this has been found to alleviate symptoms of some chronic issues such as asthma.

To get more Omega-3s into your diet with red caviar, try mixing up the traditional serving suggestions with the unexpected combination of scrambled eggs and salmon roe: The richness of salmon roe adds a luxurious touch to simple scrambled eggs, finished with herbs and black pepper— a delectable upgrade to breakfast.  

Whether you enjoy salmon caviar for the health benefits, or simply as an indulgent treat for your palate, it’s a tempting variety of roe. Prized for both its striking presentation as well as for its Omega-3s, it’s an accessible luxury that does more than meets the eye.

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