How to Store Caviar

How to Store Caviar

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Keeping Your Caviar Fresh

Store your caviar in the bottom back of your fridge to keep it fresh. Because heat rises, this is the coldest part of the refrigerator, making it an ideal spot for your collection of the finest imported or domestic roes. Keep the fridge temperature at a cool 28-32 F.

Most fridges don’t reach this temperature, which makes it necessary to place an ice pack on top of the caviar jar and replenish as needed. If the caviar tin is opened, smooth the surface with a sheet of plastic wrap and press directly onto the surface before sealing the jar and placing it in the refrigerator.

Doing this helps minimize the caviar's exposure to air. Turn the jar over every day to so that the oil distributes evenly among the fish eggs. 

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Fresher Is Better

Always serve the freshest caviar and prevent foodborne illness from bacteria by using the expert storage methods of executive chefs and top purveyors.

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Premium caviar is extremely perishable, so only purchase as much as you need. Typically sold in vacuum-sealed containers, premium caviar lasts 2-4 weeks unopened. After it's been opened, it lasts three days. Keep in mind that air creates the perfect environment for dangerous bacteria to grow, which makes it imperative to keep it refrigerated before serving. Caviar only keeps for two hours unrefrigerated and one hour if the serving area temperature is 90 F or above. 


Serving Caviar

Typically used as a garnish or spread, caviar should never be opened until needed. It should also be taken out of the refrigerator 10 minutes before serving. If the caviar is going to be served buffet style, keep it in the original container over a bowl of crushed ice.

This will keep the caviar fresh and also give your dinner guests a chance to read the label and learn more about the caviar and its origins.

How to Store Caviar

Caviar is one of the rarest and expensive foods on earth and also the most perishable. Always plan ahead and carefully calculate the servings of your small plates or dinner entrées to ensure the freshest and most delicious caviar.

The best rule is to purchase only what you need and serve immediately for the best tasting caviar, the icon of aristocratic style and distinction.

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Ready For Your Next Caviar Adventure?

When you are ready to make your next caviar purchase, you can refer back to this article for the best way to keep your caviar fresh so you get the most out of your experience.

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