siberian caviar
sturgeon caviar


Giaveri Siberian

$ 145.00
  • Species: Acipenser baerri
  • Sustainable: Yes
  • Environment: Farmed
  • Location: Italy

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An exquisite example of a Siberian caviar, this variety is harvested from the European Acipenser Baerii sturgeon. Native to the major Siberian river basins, these sturgeons produce caviar that is often compared to that of the sought-after Beluga sturgeon.

Siberian caviar is known for its large pearls and grey to deep black hues. Each spoonful is rich and buttery, finishing with a hint of sweetness.

Khavyar’s Giaveri Siberian caviar is sustainably farmed in Italy at Caviar Giaveri’s exceptional farms. Because the Siberian sturgeon is now considered to be endangered, it is protected from being fished in the wild. Caviar Giaveri has recreated their natural environment with painstaking detail to yield the best possible maturation of each sturgeon. Water temperature and diet are monitored around-the-clock to ensure all Giaveri caviar meets their extremely high standards and provides fantastic flavor time and time again. Caviar Giaveri very lightly salts their caviar to develop the best flavor balance and showcase the natural taste profile of each type of caviar.

Siberian caviar’s flavor is often compared to that of Beluga caviar, and may be served as such. Giaveri Siberian caviar can be enjoyed direct from the chilled tin, or on crackers. To complement the exceptional flavor of the Siberian caviar, a bottle of chilled vodka is a traditional accompaniment— a time-honored way to indulge in these iconic flavors.