Spoonbill Caviar is a domestic species from the waters of Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee. Renowned for its high quality and affordable price-point, Spoonbill Caviar boasts a rich and creamy mouthfeel with large roe that burst in your mouth with flavor as you chew.

In much of the world, paddlefish is better known as a "blueback," seen only by deep-sea fishermen. In America, however, this high quality caviar is caught in the wild, or “wild caught” in three states: Arkansas, Tennessee and Alabama.
With a taste that is richer and creamier than many caviars on the market today—and an affordable price tag—Americans looking for a special gift for family or friends should never look further than spoonbill caviar from the southern United States!

Paddlefishes are an entirely new species to America's culinary industry, and no other paddlefish caviar comes close to the lushness of texture and taste (and affordability!), like Spoonbill Caviar. Popularized by Chef Rustin Bryant of Birmingham Steel in Alabama, this luxury accompaniment is now available across the nation for chefs who want their guests to be able to savor it live!  

A rich and creamy mouth-feel that melts in your mouth, Spoonbill Caviar (Paddlefish) is the perfect culinary element for any occasion. Its' quality and affordability make it a favorite among chefs everywhere who are looking for domestic product from here in the United States. Our spoonbills are harvested responsibly with our sustainability program to ensure future sustainable populations of this classic menu item. Certified by both The American Fisheries Society and Farmed Fish Sustainable Standard Program, our caviar will add festivity to any party!
  • Species: Polyodon spathula
  • Sustainable: Yes
  • Environment: Wild-caught
  • Location: United States



Spoonbill / Paddlefish

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