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United States

Ikura / Salmon Roe

$ 26.00
Our Alaskan Salmon caviar is known for its robust flavor and striking presentation. A firm texture and sweet finish provide a delightful experience.
  • Species: Onchorhynchus keta
  • Sustainable: Yes
  • Environment: Saltwater
  • Location: United States


A variety of Pacific Salmon, Onchorhynchus Keta is known for having the largest natural range and also the longest migratory path of all Pacific salmon and trout species. Also called Ikura from the Japanese word for salmon roe, this type of caviar is undeniably distinctive both in appearance and taste.

This salmon caviar offers enticingly bright, orange-hued pearls with a firm texture. A surprisingly full flavor gives way to hints of sweetness, making Ikura a favorite indulgence.

Khavyar’s salmon Ikura caviar is sustainably wild-caught from saltwater environments in the United States. While this variety of Pacific salmon is found throughout the world, with territory stretching from Japan to Canada, Khavyar’s Ikura is harvested from Alaska. Its place of origin places this salmon caviar within our fine domestic offerings.

With its bright color and striking presentation, Ikura is commonly used as a garnish for sushi rolls. It can also be served simply with white rice (referred to as Ikuradon), or with blini or toast points as you would any fine roe. For an unexpected pairing, top devilled eggs with a dollop of salmon Ikura— the juxtaposition of the two types of eggs is particularly appealing.