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Dating back to the 16th century, caviar has long been associated with royalty, especially in the royal courts of Russia and Iran. Once the world's main global exporter of caviar, these nations are now small fish in a rapidly changing industry. When CITES banned imports of wild caught sturgeon roe from these countries in 2006, it ushered in a new era of sustainable farm-raised fish eggs from around the world, including Belgian caviar, a delicious, high quality alternative to the endangered sturgeon roe from the Caspian and Black seas.

Belgian Caviar 

Since 2015, we've been pleased to offer our customers a premium selection of caviar from farms that practice sustainable aquaculture. Known for its pristine environment and meticulous attention to detail, the production of Belgian caviar is held to the highest standards of the industry. 

Although roe from wild caught sturgeon is a longstanding tradition, there are many benefits to farmed Belgian caviar in addition to sustainability. The fish stock are kept in cool, pure water and fed an all-natural diet carefully stipulated for optimal health and high quality roe. A controlled environment allows producers to maintain the delicate and nuanced flavors comparable to the finest caviar from wild caught sturgeon. 

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With 27 different varieties of sturgeon, caviar is just as complex as its array of flavors from the sea. One of our finest selections is the Osetra Platinum Caviar, which is a unique hybrid (gueldenstaedtii-baerii)  of Russian and Siberian sturgeon.  Unlike anything on the market, this is truly a special offering. This exceptional roe closely resembles a premium osetra in taste and texture but still maintains the high-quality characteristics found in both species. The result is a creamy, buttery indulgence with oceanic complexity and hints of salty sea air. 


For a true Osetra, add this classic variety to your fine dining experience.  Our Osetra Belgian caviar comes from the eggs of 100% Russian sturgeon (Ancipenser Gueldenstaedtii). Delight your dinner guests with its nutty & rich distinctive flavors. These luxurious pearls are olive to dark olive-green in color, which adds sophistication and elegance to your gourmet appetizer tray.

We also feature the highest-grade Siberian Gold caviar (Acipenser baerii), which is known for its delicious buttery flavor with hints of sweetness. Pair these rich black pearls with your favorite champagne or sparkling wine to enhance its delicate flavors for a true celebratory pop.

Like a fine wine, caviar should first be tasted alone to experience all its complexity. Using a Mother of Pearl spoon, carefully spoon out a small teaspoonful of tiny eggs and let them roll around on your tongue until you’re ready for a decadent and absolutely delicious burst flavors exploding in your mouth. Belgian caviar also pairs well with traditional compliments like blinis, which are mini pancakes that serve as the vessel for these exquisite berries.  Add a dollop of crème fraiche and a sprig of dill for a fresh, clean finish.

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