White Sturgeon Caviar

Caviar Director

Though we’re not in the business of playing favorites, if pressed, we’d have to admit that our White Sturgeon caviar is one of our most-loved offerings. Its medium-sized, deep black pearls make for a striking presentation no matter how it’s served— perched over ice in a stately serving dish on a buffet, or piled delicately atop a blini, the rich, inky color of White Sturgeon caviar is an enticing addition to your menu.


Khavyar’s White Sturgeon caviar is sourced domestically from California, where the sturgeons that produce this fine variety are sustainably raised with the utmost care. Khavyar is committed to supporting sustainable farming practices for all caviar varieties, making this White Sturgeon caviar not only a luxurious choice, but a responsible option for indulging. Clear artesian well water and a meticulously managed diet contribute to creating the unparalleled flavor of each glossy pearl. White Sturgeon caviar has an unmistakably luxurious clean, yet creamy flavor that is remarkably akin to that of the prized Russian Osetra, with the added benefit of being raised domestically.


American White Sturgeon caviar, like any other fine varietal, is best served in any context where its rich, nutty flavor can be showcased. Avoid pairing White Sturgeon caviar with overbearing flavors, either in food or drink— less is more, and understated accompaniments will better allow the caviar to shine. For the intrepid culinary explorer intent on trying multiple kinds of caviar, we suggest sampling one of our domestic curated caviar collections— these giftable boxes pair our most popular American caviars side-by-side, allowing newcomers and seasoned caviar aficionados alike to compare tasting notes. Cleanse your palate between samplings with a celebratory glass of champagne, or pay homage to another classic pairing with a sip of chilled vodka. Either beverage will complement the caviar’s distinctive flavor, and add to the elevated air of enjoying this delicacy.


Curious about the differences between domestic and imported caviars? We invite you to sample some of each from our offerings to truly appreciate the particularities of both. Though Italy may currently export the most caviar, domestic caviars are experiencing an incredible renaissance as sustainability becomes a priority. Through a combination of art and science, American caviars such as White Sturgeon now emulate some of the most sought-after foreign varieties in the world. Experience the new modern American luxury by treating yourself to White Sturgeon caviar, and see for yourself— we know you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you may just discover a new passion for this delectable indulgence.

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