Caviar for Father's Day - The Gift He Actually Wants

“He” already has all the neck ties that he likes & will wear; they were selected with suits he purchased. 

“He” doesn’t want cologne.  “She” does.

If you purchase anything for his “shop”, you’re the tool. 

Get him booze & caviar. 

The quick & easy way to determine how much caviar you’ll need is easy – 1oz or 30 grams for every 2 people.  Obviously, if you have enthusiasts, you’ll want to consider more & additional varieties.

For the unassuming Father who might criticize how much you spent on a gift, we suggest something domestic.  These are great choices…

  • $38 - Spoonbill American – Wild caught from Alabama, rich & creamy notes of Osetra
  • $49 Hackleback – Wild caught Kentucky, rich & robust, deep black berries
  • $52 American White Sturgeon – Farmed, rich brown black egges, creamy rich clean finish like Osetra
  • $190 Royal White Sturgeon – Farmed, exceptional size coloration from slate to black, clean flavor similar to an exceptional Osetra

Imported varieties are more outspoken. These are some to consider…

  • $129 Giaveri Siberian – Italy – medium grains, brown to black, rich & slightly briny flavor comparable to Sevruga
  • $148 Giaveri Osetra – Italy – rich golden brown, nutty, fruity flavor.
  • $148 Siberian Gold – Belgium – black pearls, larger than most Siberian caviars, buttery with hints of sweetness
  • $184 Osetra Belgian – Belgium – medium sized olive to dark olive in color, distinct nutty flavor, fantastic mouth feel.

For a little conversation with your caviar, here are some historical facts:

  • People looking for things to talk & write about trace Father’s day back to the discovery of a 4,000-year-old stone tablet from the ruins of Babylon. A boy called Elmesu carved a stone wishing his father good health & a long life.
  • Sonora Smart Dodd celebrated the first Father’s Day in the U.S. in Washington state on June 19, 1910 after getting the idea from a special sermon at her church honoring mothers.
  • 1924 - President Calvin Coolidge recommended to Congress that Father's Day become a national holiday
  • Lyndon B. Johnson finally designated the third Sunday in June as Father's Day by executive order in 1966
  • Congress finally recognized Father's Day as an official national holiday during the Nixon administration in 1972

When you buy, don’t forget the accompaniments.  You’ll need spoons, blini & crème fraiche. 

Take in the full complexity of flavors by first tasting a small spoonful of the tiny eggs. Always use a Mother of Pearl spoon since metal will tarnish its delicate flavors. With premium quality caviar, balance out the mild saltiness with a dollop of smooth and tangy crème fraiche and add a sprig of dill for a vibrant dash of aromatics.

Show your appreciation for fatherly guidance and paternal wisdom with a selection of the finest import & domestic roe and everything you need for an authentic tasting.

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