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The ultimate symbol of aristocratic elegance, caviar was savored by the royal courts of Russia and Iran, a tradition that began in the 13th century. Later, during the Middle Ages, sturgeon was declared the “Royal Fish,” and its fish roe a delicacy reserved for the pleasure of the king. 

Today, Russia and Iran are no longer the world’s major source of caviar due to import sanctions imposed by world leaders in 2006. The caviar industry was on the brink of collapse, especially with sturgeon being pushed to near extinction from overfishing and destruction of spawning habitats in the Caspian and Black seas. Despite these setbacks, the industry experienced a resurgence in both supply & demand, a second golden age, when regional aquafarms recognized this imbalance & began increasing their capacity.  It was this growth that has fueled further investment in technology & consequently, the quality of caviar we enjoy & appreciate today.  

Caviar Germany

The caviar industry in Germany is known for exquisite roes comparable to the finest Russian Osetra and Beluga caviars. The secret to the success of sustainable aquaculture that began in the early and mid-2000's lies in the benefits of breeding fish stock in a quality controlled environment. With impeccable standards and meticulous attention to detail, our caviar from Germany is harvested from the highest pedigree of 100% Russian sturgeon broodstock (acipenser gueldenstaedti).

Raised in pure cold waters, the sturgeon stock is fed an all-natural diet specially designed for optimal health and premium quality roe, a hallmark of caviar from Germany. The result is the Osetra Supreme, one of our finest, and best-selling caviars. These olive colored eggs are savored for their firm yet creamy texture and rich, buttery flavors.

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To preserve the delicate, nuanced flavors of caviar, avoid using metal utensils.  Many critics will judge the flavor as tarnished.  We recommend Mother of Pearl spoons.  If necessary, bone or glass spoons is an acceptable substitute.  

Experience the full flavors of these luxurious tapioca pearls of the sea by tasting a small spoonful. Roll the eggs around in your mouth and then squeeze for an incredibly delicious burst of flavor. Experience pleasantly briny notes and hints of salty sea air in each individual pearl. On the appetizer tray, the light colored German caviar pairs well with blinis, which are mini pancakes traditionally served with sturgeon roe. Keep it simple with a dollop of crème fraiche for a balanced finish to an absolutely delicious bite.

An excellent alternative to Russian fish eggs from wild caught sturgeon, German caviar is a premium quality roe that adds elegance and sophistication to your fine dining experience. Since 2015, we've used our decades of experience in the food industry to deliver the finest German caviar to our customers. We also offer free shipping on orders of $200 or more and next day delivery on orders made by 2PM EST. Shop Khavyar today and enjoy a decadent indulgence with your favorite dinner guests.

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