Bowfin Caviar

United States

Amia Calva / Bowfin

$ 24.00
Also known as Bowfin or Bowfin Caviar, this caviar is rich-black in color and delivers a pleasantly intense flavor. Amia Calva is similar in appearance to Sturgeon Caviar.
  • Species: Amia Calva
  • Sustainable: Yes
  • Environment: Wild-caught
  • Location: United States


Sourced from freshwater habitats in The United States, Amia Calva caviar (also known as Bowfin caviar) is harvested from Bowfin fish, a variety of “primitive fish” that resembles the sturgeon although it predates it evolutionarily. Because of this, Amia Calva caviar is similar in appearance and flavor to traditional sturgeon caviar, but is more easily accessible and can be responsibly wild-caught from the waters of the United States.

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Amia Calva caviar features small-to-medium sized pearls with an ultra-glossy, deep black finish that evokes the appearance of many sturgeon caviars. Its striking dark color and firm pearls make it especially impressive in presentation. Its enticing flavor is sometimes described as tangy.

Khavyar’s Bowfin caviar is sustainably harvested from freshwater sources in Louisiana.

Due to its comparatively strong flavor, Bowfin caviar is ideal for pairing with other seafoods. Because of its popularity as an ingredient the Gulf region’s cuisine, bowfin caviar is often served atop raw oysters— it can also be adapted with a modern Southern spin as an addition to traditional shrimp and grits.