6 Food Delicacies as Rare as Caviar (Infographic)

Caviar is synonymous with luxury, but it’s far from being the only food that costs more per ounce than the average grocery item. These six delicacies are considered to be the most prized foods in the world, savored by the elite for their rarity and complex flavors.



Saffron threads are actually the stigmas of a particular variety of crocus— about 50,000 square feet of crocuses need to be harvested to yield 1 lb. of this delicate yet potent spice. Saffron is used internationally in many culinary traditions.

$10-30 per gram


Almas Caviar

While many varieties of true sturgeon caviar are available at a more affordable rate, the sought-after Almas caviar, sourced from 100-year-old albino sturgeons, is the most rare and precious.

Up to $12 per gram


Alba White Truffles

These delicious, pungent fungi are unable to be cultivated. Alba White Truffles must be sourced from the wild with the help of a truffle pig or dog.

$7-11 per gram


Matsutake Mushrooms

A lesser-known luxury in the mushroom family, spicy-smelling Matsutake mushrooms can only be harvested once a year and are often discovered by hungry forest animals first, making them even more difficult to come by.

Up to $10 per gram


Swiflet Nests

Painstakingly crafted by the male swiftlet bird, these nests are a crucial ingredient in bird’s nest soup, and lend the Chinese delicacy its gelatinous texture as well as its celebrated health benefits.

$2 per gram


Civet Coffee

Made from beans that have passed through the digestive system of these catlike creatures, civet coffee is said to have a less bitter flavor profile than traditional bean. The process of sourcing and cleaning civet coffee beans is extremely labor intensive.

$1 per gram


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